Children’s car seat safety checks are saving lives

Car seat safety checks
Car seat safety checks

Two recent in-car safety clinics held during Scottish Road Safety Week revealed that almost half the seats checked were incorrectly fitted or incompatible.

East Dunbartonshire Council’s road safety team offered parents the chance to have their child car seats checked for free to ensure they were properly fitted.

Out of the 17 child car seats inspected, only 10 (58 per cent) were fitted correctly, and two car seats had major faults. The majority of errors related to the seatbelt securing the child car seat being too loose, the seatbelt routed incorrectly, or the child being too heavy for the seat.

Councillor Ashay Ghai, depute leader of the council and convenor of Neighbourhood Services, said: “Child car safety is of utmost importance and I’m delighted parents in our area took up the opportunity of a free car sea safety check. What’s particularly pleasing is that while many of these were found to be unsafe, these faults have now been fixed and children are safer on the road as a result. I wish to congratulate the team on this important work.”

Traffic Officer Caroline Hay said: “I was really pleased with the response we had. Many of the parents had heard about our FREE clinics via social media and decided to take advantage.

“The faults were a combination of belts or harnesses being too slack, the belt being incorrectly routed or the child being too heavy for the seat. While different faults - the result could be the same – a child not being safely protected in the event of an accident. I am pleased we were able to help rectify these faults and give advice.”

It is hoped that further car seat clinics will be held in the summer. Outwith planned in-car safety clinics, residents of East Dunbartonshire looking for information or fitting advice can contact 0300 123 4510.