Children and parents protest walk from Milngavie to Bearsden

Children from St Joseph’s Primary School in Milngavie let their feet do the talking this week when they went on a protest walk from the school.

They took to the streets with their parents to show their opposition to East Dunbartonshire Council’s plans to close their school and send them by bus to St Andrew’s Primary School in Bearsden, which is over two miles away.

The walk coincided with ‘National Walk to School Week’ and was intended to illustrate that the children would no longer be able to take part in this campaign if they move to Bearsden.

They also claim that the route is not safe as there is no pavement along Craigdhu Road and cars often drive too fast on that stretch of road.

St Joseph’s school children currently enjoy walking, scooting and cycling to the school at its current West Campbell Avenue site.

Paul Scott, parent of Ethan (6) and Justin (4) who attend St Joseph’s Primary School and nursery, said: “Like many families in the area, we moved to Milngavie to raise our family here and were drawn to the area for its safe, child friendly precinct and the proximity of St Joseph’s Primary School to the village centre, St Joseph’s Church, Time Out after school club and local shops and restaurants.

“Our children feel safe and comfortable in the familiarity of being able to walk around Milngavie and enjoy their community of which they feel they play a part in. How do we explain to them that they are being forced to leave this and that they will no longer have the option to walk, cycle or scoot to school?

“Providing buses for children to travel from Milngavie to Bearsden will cost in the region of £76,000 per year. I refuse to believe that new school boilers and a new school would offset any economic or environmental impact, not to mention the health and wellbeing of the children being put in jeopardy at such an early age.”