‘Charity’ leaflet con mob is at it again

A ‘CHARITY’ scam leaflet drop that the Herald highlighted three years ago is again doing the rounds in the Kessington area of Bearsden.

The company, Helpmates Ltd, is distributing flyers through letterboxes asking for donations of clothes, shoes and other items which can be left on doorsteps and then sent to the Third World.

Although not explicitly claiming to be a charity, concerns have been raised that the company’s literature might make people think they are giving to charity.

Murdo Young from Murdo’s Corner Shop in Kessington said: “A few of my customers have been talking about a Helpmates leaflet that is currently being distributed round the doors.

“They told me what they had heard about this company and that it was a scam not a charity so I googled the name and the first search result was ‘Helpmates Ltd, fake charity, fraud stealing.’”

“In the search results I noticed that the Milngavie and Bearsden Herald had printed an article about this in April 2009.”

The shop now has one of the leaflets up on a noticeboard warning customers not to donate any items to this company.

Helpmates was condemned in the Herald’s original article by MP Jo Swinson and the former minister of Westerton Parish Church, Eric Hudson, who warned people not to respond to “bogus charity-style leaflets which are circulating in the area.”

The Herald tried to call the company using the number on the leaflet, but no-one answered.