Charity backs Save St Joseph’s

Save St Joseph's campaign
Save St Joseph's campaign

Parents fighting to save St Joseph’s Primary School have welcomed an offer of support from a Scottish charity - The Hometown Foundation.

The organisation became involved with St Joseph’s following local and national media coverage. The Trustees believe that communities themselves should make important decisions which affect their lives.

East Dunbartonshire Council wants to merge St Joseph’s with St Andrew’s Primary School in a new building in Bearsden but St Joseph’s parents want to run the school themselves in Milngavie.

Bill Nicol, director of the Hometown Foundation, said: “This proposal would rip the heart out of the local community.

“They want to fight to keep St Joseph’s in the local area and are not interested in moving to a shiny new building at the cost of losing an important part of their local heritage. This is yet another example of people power and part of a wider reawakening to local democracy.”

St Joseph’s Parent Council, vice chair, Helen Williams, said: “The debate has moved on from simply saving the school to improving attainment and doing something better for our children. If our local councillors don’t engage with us they will get left behind.”

Gordon Currie, director of education & children’s services, said: “We have consent from Scottish Ministers to proceed with plans for a new £9 million denominational school in Bearsden to serve the school communities of St Andrew’s and St Joseph’s. These plans have been scrutinised by Education Scotland who highlighted the clear educational benefits that they will bring for the pupils involved.

“East Dunbartonshire has some of the highest performing schools in Scotland with a reputation for excellence. Our multi-million pound Primary School Improvement Programme seeks to build on those solid foundations to continue to improve attainment for all.”