Chaos as street is flooded and power cut

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BLUNDERING contractors caused chaos after they burst a water pipe, flooded a street, fractured a gas main and cut electricity and TV cables.

The aftermath left Claremont Gardens in Milngavie ”looking like Venice” as householders were forced to spend days without essential utilities.

They were even forced to put sandbags next to their doors to stop their homes from being inundated.

Drama unfolded as contractors, employed by East Dunbartonshire Council, moved in to resurface the road recently.

During the work, a lorry belonging to the company ‘sank’ through the ground, severing pipes and cables.

Households were without essential services for three days, though council and utility companies moved quickly to repair and clean up the mess.

Milngavie Councillor Eric Gotts said: “Last week was a very distressful time for several residents in Claremont Gardens. The long overdue resurfacing of this street should have been a good news story. Instead activities by the contractor damaged underground wiring and pipes, turning the street into a watery channel that would not have been out of place in Venice.

“My constituents are quite rightly demanding answers to several questions. How much homework had been done to ensure that all involved were aware of the exact location of services in the street? Why was so little support given and communication made with the affected householders during this emergency?

“Having said that, I cannot fault the tireless efforts of the staff from the utility companies to restore water and power supplies.

“I would hope that lessons have been learned from this unfortunate incident and all the outstanding resurfacing works at this location will be done with due care and attention.”

David Devine, head of roads and neighbourhood services at East Dunbartonshire Council said: “The council is currently carrying out major carriageway and road drainage works in Claremont Gardens. When work commenced however on January 23 there was a temporary disruption to the utilities in the street and although these services have now been restored, I wish to apologise for the inconvenience caused.

“Resurfacing works have now recommenced and once completed will make a significant improvement to the road surface and drains in Claremont Gardens.”