Changes to bin collections come into effect

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Residents in East Dunbartonshire are being reminded that important changes to waste collections come into effect from next week.

From Sunday, 24 January, East Dunbartonshire Council will collect waste and recycling seven days a week, rather than just Monday to Friday.

The local authority’s budget is being reduced further in the coming years and, as a result, all services are being reviewed to see how they can be more efficient and help find the savings needed.

Residents were notified of the forthcoming changes by letter just before Christmas and new calendars are being delivered to households this week, to let them know if their collection days will be affected.

Depute Leader of the Council and Convener of Neighbourhood Services, Ashay Ghai said: “We were keen to give people as much notice as possible that these changes were coming, which is why we sent out a letter in December.

“The new routes have now been finalised and we are in the process of delivering calendars, which will give your fortnightly collection day for waste and recycling, and your weekly collection day for food waste.

“You should also be aware that your food waste may now be collected on a different day from your recycling or general waste.

“I want to thank residents for their patience as we introduce these vital, budget-saving changes.”

Information will also be available on our website

If you have any questions about the new arrangements, after you have received your new calendars, please contact Customer Services on 0300 123 4510.