CCTV system needs street lights’ power

The CCTV unit has been installed following an incident in the locality.
The CCTV unit has been installed following an incident in the locality.

Concerns over the obvious waste of money having street lights illuminated during the hours of daylight led to a council complaint.

Charlie White, a resident in Braefoot Avenue, Milngavie was perplexed as to why the street lighting at his address was on permanently, but nowhere else locally.

Being a concerned citizen, and knowing how cash-strapped the council is at present, he contacted the authority for an explanation.

Charlie told us: “Some four weeks ago I contacted East Dunbartonshire Council regarding the street lights in Braefoot Avenue. Despite being in the middle of summer the lights are now on 24-hours a day.

“Then just last wee I received a telephone call from the council with the explanation that this was due to new CCTV having been installed which could only be powered using street lighting.”

“I was advised that the cost of electrical usage was being met by Police Scotland. I did point out that police funds come out of the EDC budget.

“So much for everyone being encouraged/bullied into reducing their carbon footprint.”

Thomas Glen, the council’s Depute Chief Executive - Place, Neighbourhood & Corporate Assets, said: “The council’s Community Safety Team – in consultation with Police Scotland – installed a temporary mobile CCTV camera at Braefoot Avenue at the beginning of June following a serious assault and an increase in reports of youth disorder in and around the immediate area.

“The camera is there to provide public reassurance and to help act as a deterrent to antisocial behaviour in the area and is due to remain on site until at least the end of July.

“The mobile CCTV camera belongs to and is paid for solely by the council from our own budgets. It requires a constant power source and this is supplied from the street lights to operate it.

“There is a nominal charge to the council from our power supplier for the additional electricity that this system uses.”