Cash will be ploughed into improving Milngavie town centre if BID gets voted through


The proposed Business Improvement District (BID) for Milngavie town centre plans to spend £45,000 over five years to hold events and improve the appearance and safety of the precinct.

The move comes after the success of Milngavie Town Centre’s family Christmas event and first Santa’s cabin - which saw the Milngavie My Way BID steering group join forces with Milngavie Youth Centre - to create a ‘Winter Wonderland’ for families to visit.

Rona Miller, Steering Group member, said: “This project showed how business and community working together can provide a high quality event for everyone’s benefit.

“This was just a small example of what can be achieved. Without a future BID company to lead, direct and invest in such initiatives, none of this will happen.”

The BID’s proposals, to be put to ballot on February 3, would pump £45,000 over five years into developing, promoting and marketing and advertising high quality events for the town centre, to help businesses improve their turnover and profitability.

They would also work with voluntary group Milngavie In Bloom to plant more flowers and greenery in the precinct and build on their partnership with Police Scotlandto reduce crime and increase safety for everyone in the town centre.

The new town centre police officer, Constable Siobhan McCandlish, has a new mobile number for businesses to contact her on during the week to highlight issues of concern, seek general advice or request ongoing support for a situation.

If the BID is voted through in the ballot the SHOPWATCH scheme for retailers who wish to participate would be re-introduced, and they would be given radio handsets providing a network and ‘early warning’ system to combat potential criminal activity.

Ian Lavrie said: “The BID wants businesses to reduce the loss caused by theft or anti-social behaviour. This is one of several efficiency measures that we’d introduce alongside other collective cost saving schemes.”

East Dunbartonshire Council supports the BID which would see over £500,000 invested into the town centre over five years. All businesses with a rateable value property of £1,000 or over within the town centre area, including Gavins Mill and Tesco area, would contribute through a compulsory levy.

A full business plan will be circulated to all business voters by February 3 - ballot papers must be returned by March 17. The postal ballot will be confidential.

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