Cash MUST be found to build new Allander

GV off allander'em'27/1/09
GV off allander'em'27/1/09

WHOEVER gets permission to develop on the ‘Kilmardinny Strip’ of land between Bearsden and Milngavie should be forced to stump up the same amount of cash as previously agreed to ensure that the a new Allander Leisure Centre gets built - says Milngavie MSP Gil Paterson.

House builders Cala want to build more than 500 homes and a new railway station on the land between Bearsden and Milngavie but a deal with East Dunbartonshire Council for Cala to pay them £10million towards the estimated bill of £19m for a new leisure centre is key to pushing through the controversial plans.

However, West of Scotland rugby club says a deal that it had with Cala ran out in 2010 and it now prefers to offer its land to Waitrose instead to allow them to build a new store on one of their pitches.

As a result Cala has threatened to REDUCE the amount it would be willing to pay towards the creation of the new sports centre by 40 per cent (£10m to £6m) - to reflect on the 40 per cent of land it will lose out on if West doesn’t allow them to build on their land.

After these revelations about the shortfall of cash many constituents have contacted Gil Paterson with concerns about the future of the Allander Leisure centre.

Mr Paterson said: “Cala’s original successful application was granted on the understanding that they would pay a planning gain of £10 million towards the new Allander, but that figure now seems to be in doubt.

“The council had established the whole of this land for planning gain, so, for example, if one developer gets 60 per cent of the land and another gets 40 per cent, this should be the same.

“My understanding is that each developer would have to pay their part of the total gain.

“I fully understand people’s concerns regarding the future of the Allander and I am fully behind the replacement of the centre.

“The planning gain value should remain unchanged no matter who gets permission to develop.”

Head of development and enterprise, Thomas Glen said, “When the Reporter granted planning permission for Kilmardinny Westpark Development, one of the planning conditions included potential developers making a contribution to the reprovision of the Allander Leisure Centre.

“This planning condition still applies.”