Cash for improvements to roads and paths in Milngavie and Bearsden next year

ROADS in East Dunbartonshire are set to benefit from a cash boost of over £5 million next year.

Councillors agreed the £5.325m investment at Tuesday night’s development and infrastructure committee which outlined the spending plans for 2012/13 together with provisional proposals for the following three years.

Between now and 2017, around £21.5m will be ploughed into the council’s roads capital programme seeing roads and paths resurfaced and maintained, road safety improvements made, drainage improved and structures such as bridges maintained and strengthened.

Projects are selected on a priority basis following regular, detailed inspections and reviews of the road and path networks by officers.

The money will be spent over the next twelve months as follows - roads and footpaths £3.024m, structures (eg. bridges) £680,000, drainage projects £539,500, traffic projects £508,000, street lights £498,500, play area equipment replacement £75,000.

Seventy thousand pounds will be spent on Craigmaddie Road in Balmore, £60,000 on Lochaber Road in Bearsden and £65,000 on Cairns Drive in Milngavie.

Development and infrastructure convener, Councillor Alan Moir, said: “The council is earmarking a significant amount of money for roads, and investment will be targeted firstly in areas of priority.

“Drivers and pedestrians should notice huge differences once projects are complete however it would be a pretence to suggest that this will solve all the challenges we face with our roads. While this investment is good news, we all know that we need additional resources.

“Working within the budgets we are given, we allocate as much funding as possible to our priority services but more is needed if we are to tackle the years of damage done to our roads by harsh winters and general wear and tear.”

The council is currently organising a survey of its 18,000 street lights with the aim of replacing the current bulbs with more energy efficient LEDs to cut energy costs. This would be a £6.6m spend-to-save project.

Major traffic projects include new puffin crossings in Milngavie and additional installation of bollards and signage for disabled parking bays across the area.

Councillor Moir added: “As well as the £5.3m capital programme, we continue to respond to road safety defects as they appear through our regime of inspections and when reported to us by the public.”

To report a pothole or any other problem with roads, paths or lighting, call 0300 123 4510 or click the ‘report it’ link on the homepage of our website