Carol has a good old horm-moan!

Hormonal Housewives
Hormonal Housewives

CAROL SMILLIE gets another dose of Hormonal Housewives in what every woman knows is the challenge of juggling a career, childcare and the role of domestic goddess in this very funny theatre production at The King’s Theatre, Glasgow.

Audiences will see three women as they battle with weight loss, weight gain, mood swings, PMT, pelvic floor exercises, stretch marks, the onslaught of HRT, make-overs, waxing, men, chocolate, upper-lip hair, chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate - and all the other joys of being a 21st century girl.

So it’s time to check the calendar because as everyone woman knows, when those hormones come calling, no one can do right for doing wrong and there’s no point arguing with the hormonal housewives.

With a starring role for Carol Smillie, she brings the show alive.

As one of the UK’s most sought after presenters for television programmes, award ceremonies, corporate events, advertisements and charity work, many people know her from Changing Rooms, but they may be surprised by the range of her work on and off the television.

She has won a National TV Award, an Indie Award and was nominated for a BAFTA.

Carol began her career in showbusiness as the much publicised hostess on ITV’s Wheel of Fortune, a role, however, which denied her a chance to speak.

She found her voice, and her feet, shortly after as one of the main reporters on BBC2’s The Travel Show, and, after two years, she was snapped up as a regular on BBC1’s Holiday, often fronting the show.

BBC’s Summer Holiday and Holiday Snaps quickly followed, and for three years in succession, she fronted The National Lottery.

However, the show she will always be known for is, of course, BBC television’s Changing Rooms, the flagship DIY programme which changed the face of British television as we know it today.

The programme earned Carol invitations to Buckingham Palace and Downing Street and the big red book on This Is Your Life.

She has since fronted shows like Dream Holiday Home (C5), A Brush With Fame (ITV1), took part in Strictly Come Dancing (BBC1) winning fifth place and is currently hosting her own quiz show Postcode Challenge on STV.

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