Carers Link needs your help

Carers Link Milngavie at their recent garden opening
Carers Link Milngavie at their recent garden opening

Could you spare a few hours to help out at Carers Link in Milngavie?

Carers Link provides a range of services including support, information, advocacy, courses and groups. Volunteers are vital to the delivery of all of these services, both working directly with carers and in administrative roles.

People who are good listeners, and comfortable chatting on the phone, might be interested in volunteering for Carers Call, which provides telephone support to carers and giving them the chance to speak on a regular basis.

If you enjoy driving, they need volunteers to transport Young Carers to their group meetings, and they are also looking for people to help at the meetings.

For those who prefer an administrative role, they need helpers for a whole range of office tasks, such as entering data, mailing information and letters, and making phone calls.

Janet has been volunteering with Carers Link for over 10 years.

She said: “Supporting carers is important to me - there are lots of other things I could do but I choose to do this. I was a carer myself many years ago, and I wish that Carers Link had been there at the time to give me advice and support.”

Fiona Farris, Volunteer Services Coordinator for Carers Link said: “Most people do not recognise that they are a carer, but anyone who helps friend or family who, because of their illness, disability, addiction or frailty cannot cope without their support, is a carer and deserves support.

“Caring for someone you love can be very rewarding, but it can sometimes feel like a huge responsibility. “Their caring role can mean that carers become stressed and socially isolated, with the time taken up with looking after the person and going to appointments leaving no time for themselves.

“Additionally, carers often don’t want to talk about their concerns to friends and other family members, as they don’t want to feel that they are betraying the person they care for.

“This is where Carers Link, and our volunteers, can help.

“Our volunteers come from all walks of life and backgrounds, and I am constantly astonished by their skills and dedication.

“People volunteer for a variety of reasons – they may want to help others, to gain work experience, to meet others or to share their own experiences as a carer.

“Volunteers have told me about a sense of increased confidence in themselves, knowing that they’ve been able to help others.

“They say it is rewarding and motivating to be part of a team and to discover skills they didn’t know they had.

“Some have achieved their goal of moving into paid employment, though for many volunteering is itself the goal.

“Our volunteers work alongside the staff team, and each volunteer receives training and support.”

Travel expenses are reimbursed. For more information about Carers Link visit or call Fiona Farris on 0800 975 2131, or email