Can you help to identify where this painting shows?

Painting of drovers
Painting of drovers

CURATORS at the Smith Art Gallery and Museum in Stirling are appealing for readers to help identify the scene depicted in this painting called ‘The Old Drove Road.’

Geraldine Goddard donated the work of art by Joseph Donovan Adam recently along with another one named ‘Golden Grain’ by John Smart as she was downsizing her house and no longer had room for them.

She inherited both paintings and decided not to leave them in her will as she wanted to see them bring joy to others as they had to her during her lifetime.

Her love of the Smith Art Gallery meant that she thought they belonged there.

Both show scenes can be found in Stirling where she grew up and she can remember walking the roads and fields featured in them, although she doesn’t remember exactly where ‘The Old Drove Road’ depicts.

Dr Elspeth King, director of the Gallery and Museum, shares Mrs Goddard’s love for the two paintings and is keen to find out more about them.

She said: “Stirling was historically an area for drovers and it would interesting to know if anyone recognises where this painting has been done.

“The Old Drove Road would have been used to take livestock on foot from one place to another, such as to market or between summer and winter pasture.

“The Black Bull Inn in Killearn for example would have been somewhere for drovers to stay on their journey.

“Black Bulls were almost a form of currency in the 18 century so that’s how it’s name originated.”

If you have any information about ‘The Old Drove Road’ painting please email