Can you help solve wedding picture mystery?

mystery wedding photo
mystery wedding photo

A RETIRED PHOTOGRAPHER is appealing for people to get in touch with him to provide information about this photo.

Bill McCreadie, from Milngavie, is keen to find out the name of the hotel or to hear from relatives of the couple because they lost all their copies of their wedding photos when an earthquake struck their home in New Zealand.

They lost everything in the disaster and recently phoned Bill, who was their photographer on their wedding day on September 1, 2002, to ask if he could replace them.

However, in another cruel twist of fate, Bill had a bad fire in his studio five years ago and lost all the negatives and digital records of all the weddings he had photographed in the last 20 years.

He said: “I started rummaging through some old smoke damaged file boxes in the cellar and came across a disc of their wedding which still works.

“It was one of three which weren’t badly buckled by the heat and I’d love to get in touch with the couple to see how I can help them.

“When they called I never thought to ask for their phone number so I need their address in New Zealand so that I can send them a copy of the disc of their whole wedding.

“Maybe someone will recognise the hotel and they may still have records of names and addresses of people who were married there.”

If you can help please e-mail