Can you help identify mystery feathered visitor to a Bearsden garden?

strange bird in Bearsden garden 1
strange bird in Bearsden garden 1

AN M&B Herald reader is looking for help to identify a mystery visitor to his garden.

Paul Donnelly, from Bearsden, saw an unusually plummaged bird consorting with the goldfinches, chaffinches and siskins on his feeders - and he is stumped about its identification.

strange bird in Bearsden garden 2

strange bird in Bearsden garden 2

He said: “The Milngavie and Bearsden Herald ran a story on the Russian waxwings which were invading Bearsden and Milngavie. To date I have not seen any of them. However, recently I found an unusual bird on the bird feeders in my garden. It remained there for around half an hour but I have not seen it since.

“As can be seen from the pictures I took, this looks like a white bird, and at first sight I took it to be a budgie which had escaped from its cage.

“However, on closer observation it has handsome black feathers on the wings, and some distinctive yellow flashes also on the wings.

“The bird was in a large group of chaffinches, goldfinches and siskins. It moved from the sunflower seed feeder to the thistle seed feeder.

“Having had the chance to look at it through binoculars I am fairly certain that because of its size and markings this seems to be an albino goldfinch, albeit one which retains some of the markings of that bird.

“However, as albinos usually have have no colour this may be someting different.

“I’d be interested to see whether any other readers in Bearsden and Milngavie have spotted this bird, and whether they can confirm my identification.”

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