Campaigners praised after Tesco shelves Milngavie store plan

Tesco Milngavie'Photo by Emma Mitchell'4/6/13
Tesco Milngavie'Photo by Emma Mitchell'4/6/13

It’s been hard fought - but now victory is theirs, praise has been heaped on campaigners who stopped Tesco building a monster store in Milngavie.

The decision, announced this week, to refurbish the Gavin’s Mill shop instead of building a huge Extra supermarket comes after five years of battling by local people including members of the We Like Milngavie group and Milngavie Community Council.

Activists said the plans would suck the life out of Milngavie Precinct.

And with Tesco in retreat, they could bask in their victory this week.

East Dunbartonshire MP Jo Swinson, said:“Congratulations to everyone who fought hard for this fantastic result, it is a real triumph for local community activism.

“I’m delighted that Tesco listened to the community’s concerns and made the right decision. Their proposed store expansion would have had a detrimental effect on the character of the Milngavie precinct and the independent shops just a short distance away.

“We now have a decision we can be happy with thanks to the hard work of local groups like We Like Milngavie, Milngavie Community Council and the hundreds of people in the community who’ve spoken out against the plans for the past five years.”

Milngavie councillor Eric Gotts said: “I’m delighted that Tesco has shelved plans to build a superstore in the car park of the existing store.

“Such a large development would have been totally out of keeping with the existing environment and would have had a major impact on the vitality and viability of the town centre. However, I welcome Tesco’s intention to undertake a much needed refurbishment of the existing store to meet the needs of local people.”

Fiona Risk, convener of Milngavie Community Council, said: “We are delighted that Tesco has decided to drop its plans and we look forward to working with Tesco, East Dunbartonshire Council, local traders and residents to create a vibrant town centre which will attract local residents and visitors. The future of small town centres is uncertain and we need to investigate innovative ways of securing a viable future for Milngavie.”

Milngavie MSP Gil Paterson said: “It was the right decision and I’m delighted as it will benefit the community.”