Campaign to save green space in Westerton steps up

Westerton'Save Westerton PS Demostration'13th June 2013'Pic: Roberto Cavieres
Westerton'Save Westerton PS Demostration'13th June 2013'Pic: Roberto Cavieres

Residents staged a protest outside Westerton Town Hall last Thursday as they are furious that their green space is still under threat.

They feel they’ve been misled by some councillors including Vaughan Moody who sent out a letter after the last informal consultation which claimed that he’d listened to locals and plans to build the school on the playing fields behind the town hall had been abandoned. However the new consultation still includes this proposal.

Emma Sheppard from the Save Westerton Campaign said: “We feel really let down about this. We believed we had been listened to when in actual fact the same proposals for a super school are being trotted out again. We were told our village green was safe, and now we find out this is not the case at all.”

Councillor Vaughan Moody said: “People expressed their views clearly in a meeting in Westerton Town Hall and they need to vote accordingly in this new survey. I understood people’s feelings about the hall and library and if they don’t like that option they must vote against it.

“Council officers wanted to give people the chance to vote on all three options - to build behind the town hall, on the Westerton Primary or Colquhoun site and I sent out a new leaflet to people to let them know that the second survey had come out and they should take part.”

The deadline for survey responses is June 26.