Cameras roll in for a new BBC comedy

film mulguy 2 copy'22/2/12
film mulguy 2 copy'22/2/12

A BBC film crew descended on Milngavie to shoot scenes for a new comedy show.

Stars Brian Cox and Jonathon Watson were in town to film Bob Servant Independent, which will be shown on BBC4.

The former social work office in Stewart Street was turned into an election headquarters for the shoot.

It was festooned with campaign posters urging people to vote for ‘Nick Edwards’.

The crew filmed for the whole day last Thursday and Friday.

Popular precinct restaurant Cafe Alba will have minor starring ‘roll’ in the show - as producers asked them for a burger they could use as a prop.

Handlers arrived on the shoot on Friday afternoon with 13 dogs which were to be used in a scene.


Bob Servant Independent, which stars Cox as the title character, is about a pompous Dundonian businessman.

The character, created by Neil Forsyth, first appeared in the 2007 book Delete This At Your Peril, which featured e-mail exchanges with internet scammers.

Bob Servant Independent, as it will be called when it’s screened, will follow the character’s attempts to become the MP for Broughty Ferry.

Cox said the TV transfer would capture the series’ “unique east coast humour”.

The 65-year-old actor also praised “the comic writing skills of fellow Dundonian Neil Forsyth and the audacious spirit of Bob Servant”.

Cox, who has starred in Hollywood films Troy and the Bourne series, first played the role on BBC Radio Scotland’s The Bob Servant Emails, which was later broadcast on Radio 4.

Forsyth’s character also features in the books Bob Servant - Hero of Dundee and Why Me? The Very Important Emails of Bob Servant.

The fictional character is described on his website as “Scotland’s most respected man of letters”.

It adds: “In the 1970s, his window cleaning round was generally accepted as being the largest in western Europe while his key role in Dundee’s cheeseburger wars of the 1980s saw him pushed to national prominence.”

The three part series will be shown later in the year.