Calls for an inquiry on eve of public meeting

Milngavie Road
Milngavie Road

Members of the public are invited to a public meeting tomorrow (Thursday, November 19) about the second phase of the Bears Way project.

The first phase of the project, which involved installing a cycle path on the A81 Milngavie Road between Burnbrae and Hillfoot, has been controversial.

The Herald has been inundated with letters from people who are concerned about increased traffic congestion caused by the road being narrowed.

Motorists also say that buses now stop in the middle of the road and that not all cyclists are using the new cycle lane due to safety concerns - causing further traffic tailbacks.

We recently reported that cyclist who was knocked off his bike after a collision with a Jeep at the entrance of American Golf is calling for the road to be redesigned.

And, according to Milngavie resident Alastair Hain, this isn’t the first accident on the new road.

About six weeks ago he says he passed the aftermath of an accident at the entrance to the Sports Direct Gym involving a car and a cyclist.

He said: “The cyclist was obviously visibly shaken and his bicycle was wrecked. I’m unaware if he had a physical injuries.”

Another resident is calling for a public inquiry into the Bears Way project.

Andrew McCormick said: “Is it not about time that EDC held a public inquiry into the Bears Way disaster?”

Thomas Glen, director of development and regeneration at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “This project is a new approach where people using the cycleway have priority over those using the side roads.

“It is a new layout for the area and I would therefore urge all road users to act appropriately to ensure their own safety and that of others. This includes appropriate speed and manoeuvres when existing and entering the A81.

“We are working with Police Scotland locally and, as previously advised, we have had no reports of accidents from them.

“We encourage anyone involved in any incidents to contact our team as well as Police Scotland. You can contact the Bears Way team by e-mailing or calling 0300 123 4510.”

Everyone with an interest in the project is invited to go along to the drop-in meeting about the second phase from Hillfoot to Kessington being held tonight (Thursday, November 19) at Kessington Public Hall, Bearsden, from 3pm to 8pm,