Call for new loop bus service

Duncan Cumming next to a bus stop at Hillfoot station.
Duncan Cumming next to a bus stop at Hillfoot station.

A councillor is calling for a new bus service to enable people to access shops, health care, libraries, community centres and the Allander

Leisure Centre.

Duncan Cumming, who represents Bearsden North as an independent councillor, would like a loop bus service in Milngavie and Bearsden which could also provide a link to services at the new Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in the south side of the city.

He says it would be particularly useful for residents in the Mosshead area of Bearsden as they currently don’t have access to a timetabled bus service of any kind.

Mr Cumming said: “As a responsible local councillor who listens to my constituents, it is very obvious to me that there are major issues for a significant number of residents trying to access local transport.

“A timetabled bus would allow people to use local amenities and to get to appointments at the new Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

“Local residents could also access trains without having to take their cars.

“We all know there are very significant parking problems at well used train stations and in the streets nearby.

“There is an increasing problem in the Hillfoot area of Bearsden, adjacent to the train station, which could be further aggravated if phase 2 of the cycleway project goes ahead.”

Mr Cumming previously got support from councillors for this bus service, and called for action to be taken at the last full council meeting on December 17. The council will now hear back on progress within six months.

Convener of Development and Regeneration, Councillor Alan Moir, said: “The council has agreed that SPT undertake a comprehensive and meaningful consultation to resolve significant public transport difficulties. It was also agreed that I, along with Councillor Cumming, bring forward a report to the full council within six months, to inform of progress.

“If there is an opportunity to find a solution we will endeavour to find it.

“There are services such as SPT’s ‘My Bus’ for individuals who are isolated or who have mobility issues. Contact SPT on 0141 333 4584 or 0845 128 4025 to see if they can qualify for this fantastic service.”