Call for CCTV cameras at Mugdock car parks

Drumclog Moor Car Park, Mugdock Road Milngavie.
Drumclog Moor Car Park, Mugdock Road Milngavie.

A victim of car theft has called for action to be taken following another spate of car break-ins at Mugdock

Country Park car parks.

Three cars were broken into at two Mugdock Country Park car parks during the afternoon on Saturday, May 2.

A handbag was stolen from one of the cars and a rucksack and its contents.

Police say the total value of items taken was approximately £450.

The main visitor centre car park on Mugdock Road was targeted along with Drumclog Moor car park, also on Mugdock Road, Milngavie.

Christine Hogg from Bearsden says something needs to be done, claiming it has been a problem for years.

Her purse containing money and bank cards was stolen from her car in February this year while it was in the east car park on Craigallion Road.

At the time she called for CCTV cameras to be installed at the car park.

She said: “Something urgently needs to be done.

“There is still no deterrant for thieves and people are worried about parking there now.”

Constable Alistair Muir said: “The issue of CCTV is going to be discussed at the East Dunbartonshire Partners meeting today Thursday (May 7) with a view to having a temporary camera placed in situ.

“In the light of these recent break-ins we would like to remind people not to leave any valuables in view in their car and to place them out of site within your boot.

“We’d also advise people to empty their glove box and leave it open to show there is nothing inside to steal.”

Thomas Glen, director of development and regeneration at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “We are sorry to hear about these unfortunate incidents. Hopefully the culprit or culprits will be traced by police and the property returned.

“Although we do all we can to ensure people have a safe and enjoyable visit to Mugdock - which includes employees keeping an eye out for anyone behaving in a suspicious manner - the car park is not monitored on a permanent basis.”