Call for action after dog dies in hit and run in Bearsden

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A grieving dog owner is calling for urgent action from East Dunbartonshire Council after her family pet died in a hit and run accident.

Little one-year-old Maltese Minnie was struck by a car outside the family home in Manse Road, Bearsden, on Thursday morning. She died instantly.

However, the driver failed to stop and now Minnie’s owner Victoria Paterson (36) is calling for speed calming.

She said: “It happened in a split second. She was by my side in the garden as I put my three-week-old baby into the car. I called her name and she didn’t appear. She was like my little shadow, I don’t know how this could have happened.

“The driver who hit her didn’t stop. Luckily my friend was in the car behind, and she stopped and put her hazard warning lights on, and covered Minnie up. I was advised not to see her.”

Police attended the scene and are now trying to track down the driver.

Victoria added: “When we moved in five years ago we were concerned about the speed on the road. We raised it with the council then but nothing has happened.

“It’s meant to be a 30 mph road but cars use it as a cut-through and they are bombing along at 50 mph.

“I phoned the council this morning and was told there is a programme of work planned, but is it going to take a child to be knocked down and killed before something is done?”

Local councillor Ian Mackay is also investigating, saying the speed on the road has been raised several times.

Police attended the scene and have filed road traffic accident report, and will be trying to trace the driver, by conducting door to door inquiries and reviewing any local CCTV cameras. They also plan to send out officers with speed guns to monitor the road.

Grace Irvine, director of neighbourhood services at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “We are very sorry to hear about Miss Paterson’s dog.

“We carried out a speed survey in 2010 which showed there was very little speeding on Manse Road, even on the straight parts of the road where this may be expected. The average speed was 26mph. In order to introduce traffic calming we need to demonstrate a persistent picture of speeding and road accidents. There is not this evidence for Manse Road.

“Another Manse Road pedestrian/vehicle survey was carried out last week and once we have the results we will be comparing them to the previous survey before deciding any future action.”