Businesswoman calls for employers to be more flexible

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A Bearsden businesswoman has spoken out against inequality of pay between men and women - after the recent news that female bosses earn an average of 35 per cent less than men.

Tracey Eker (42) is shocked that the gender pay gap still exists 40 years after the Equal Pay Act was passed. She said: “It is clear that prejudice persists in the UK workplace, and the extent of it is shocking.

“Women are often excluded from high earning positions and experience negativity from employers when they have children.”

“I was forced to travel excessively when I returned to work after maternity leave as if to prove a point that I couldn’t do it all like I used to.

“So I was basically squeezed out of a high paying job in sales as my company was unwilling to accommodate a more flexible working arrangement to allow me to balance work with caring for my child.

“This really soured my whole entry back into the workforce and I decided to stay at home with my baby.”

When Tracey started looking for a part-time job after having twin boys she found it really difficult to find anything suitable.

She was annoyed by the lack of transparency in job ads - with many employers unwilling to be upfront about the potential availability of flexible working in their organisations and no clear details of hours or holiday allowance.

This motivated Tracey to set up her own job site - - which specialises in all forms of modern flexible working patterns.

She added: “Until employers make flexible working more accessible women’s participation will not be representative, and their earnings will be unequal to men.”