Businesses - toilets are unsustainable

Gilbert McVean and Ian Lavrie outside Milngavie toilets
Gilbert McVean and Ian Lavrie outside Milngavie toilets

Traders in Milngavie have hit out at the state of the only public toilets in the town and want the council to do something about it.

Although responsibility for cleaning the toilets was handed over to traders four years ago, the building is now in need of more substantial repairs with broken cubicles, rusty latrines and peeling window frames.

Ian Lavrie owner of Allander Flooring and Gilbert McVean from The Iron Chef have both struggled to maintain the toilets, even though they employ someone to clean the utility on a regular basis.

Mr Lavrie said: “The situation is unsustainable. There used to be someone employed full time in a small office within the toilet to keep an eye on it. But since they were removed, there has been graffiti on the cubicles and the structure of the building needs some serious money spent on it.”

In August last year the toilets were closed for a few days for some remedial work to be carried out. The council had made £15,000 available to the traders for the upkeep of the toilets over the previous three years, with the refurbishment costing £3,500.

Traders welcomed the revamp at the time, but since then things have gone down hill and the council have been actively trying to sell the building for almost a year.

Thomas Glen, the council’s director of development and regeneration, said: “The council recognises the value of this public convenience some time ago so we entered into an agreement with local traders where we retained ownership of the toilets and maintained them while they had responsibility for keeping them clean.

“The current position is that we have marketed the toilets and are considering the offers that we have received.”