Bunnies vanishing mystery at science park

MYSTERY surrounds a much loved colony of bunnies which suddenly disappeared.

Children at Kelvin Nursery used to like watching the bunnies hopping around the grounds of the West of Scotland Science Park, near Bearsden - until they all vanished about six months ago.

Parents speculated that ground keepers may have exterminated them, but this was denied by site bosses.

One Bearsden mum, whose three-year-old son attends the Careshare-owned nursery, off Maryhill Road, said: “My wee boy used to love watching them hopping about. They were everywhere - there were always lots of baby bunnies and you had to be careful not to run over them. That wouldn’t have gone down well with the children!

“My wee boy used to look forward to seeing them every day. But then, quite suddenly, they weren’t there anymore.

“The story has gone around some of the parents that the science park’s grounds management team has got shot of them as they were digging the place up.”

Science park grounds staff have been out checking for sings of myxomatosis round the bunnies’ burrows - but haven’t found any evidence for the rabbit killing disease.

Other theories put forward for their disappearance are the growing numbers of buzzards in the area or even poaching.

Following an investigation, it is now thought that predators are to blame.

A Scottish Enterprise spokesperson said: “We have spoken with the agents who manage the West of Scotland Science Park on our behalf and believe that natural predators like buzzards and foxes are responsible for the depleting number of rabbits at the Park.”