Brothers are having ‘wheely’ good fun

Ben Albrow with his older brother Sam on their new tag along bike.
Ben Albrow with his older brother Sam on their new tag along bike.

An eight-year-old boy with autism received a surprise gift from Santander Bank after his caring brother entered a competition they were running.

Sam Albrow (11) from Milverton Avenue in Bearsden took part in the bank’s competition which asked young people to tell them what they are saving up for.

Sam told them he wanted to get enough money to buy a tagalong for his bicycle so that he could take his brother Ben (8) out for rides.

Ben has autism and complex learning difficulties and he’s unable to ride a bicycle on his own as he can’t operate the brakes. Although Sam didn’t win the competition, staff at Santander were so touched by his story that they decided to help him and bought the tagalong for him and his brother to use.

Their mum Karen, who is a volunteer at Carer’s Link, Milngavie, said: “The bank was amazed that Sam is such a good brother and that he’s so thoughtful and caring.

“My life would be so much harder if I didn’t have him to help look after Ben.

“He’s always been very understanding and patient with his little brother.

“This gift from Santander was incredibly generous and we are very grateful to them.”

The boys and their mum used the new tagalong in Thorn Park in Bearsden recently and thoroughly enjoyed it, although Karen said it was hard work going up some of the hills.

She explained: “Sam took over for me when I was struggling to pull Ben up the hill.

He found it tough too and he was exhausted when we got home but we all had great fun.

“We hope to be able to go on lots more family trips on our bikes to lots of scenic places such as Loch Lomond.

“It’s fantastic that Ben can enjoy cycling in a safe, secure environment.

“And we will all get very fit too now that we can all get out and about on our bikes together.”