Bringing the history of the Antonine Wall alive with new app

Antonine Wall in New Kilpatrick Cemetery, Bearsden.
Antonine Wall in New Kilpatrick Cemetery, Bearsden.

Visitors to the ancient Roman Antonine Wall, which runs through Bearsden, will be able to interact with it in a whole new way, thanks to the introduction of a cutting-edge app from Germany.

A collaboration between Historic Scotland and partner bodies in Germany will see an interactive app developed for the ancient structure by April 2016.

The app uses reality technology to help visitors explore the World Heritage Site, which stretches some 60km across the Scottish Central Belt.

It has only been made possible by the generous donation of data from the Bavarian Savings Bank Foundation and the Bavarian museums service, who created an earlier similar app in Germany, which allows visitors to access information on two parts of the Roman frontier in Bavaria.

The app will demonstrate to visitors what the frontier sites would have looked like when they were in operation, to bring these sites back to life.