Brave Scott thanks hospice by raising cash in 13km hike

St Margaret's Hospice '27th October 2012'Guests, Vip Gordon Smith, Scott Holt.'Pic: Roberto Cavieres
St Margaret's Hospice '27th October 2012'Guests, Vip Gordon Smith, Scott Holt.'Pic: Roberto Cavieres

A BRAVE Milngavie man who is in constant pain after suffering a serious back injury has raised £4,500 for St Margaret’s Hospice by walking 13km.

Scott Holt (47) was left with permanent damage to his spine after an 
accident at work 17 years ago.

When his company van broke down and he tried to push it he sustained severe injuries - two prolapsed and five slipped discs.

After an unsuccessful operation on the base of his spine he was left housebound with no relief from pain.

His left leg was paralysed with a dropped foot and he was unable to touch his back. He is still unable to sit or stand up and has to lie down or walk.

Scott said: “The doctors advised against another operation.

“The only option would be to operate from the front which would involve lifting out all my organs.

“There is a high risk of death associated with that as it’s very specialised.

“If organs aren’t placed back correctly there are many potential complications, such as a twisted bowel.

“My pain is internal and external, I take morphine all the time, but that doesn’t take the pain away completely.”

The former Douglas Academy pupil, added: “I was 30 when the accident happened.

“My wife, Fiona, and I were just planning on having children and all that was thrown into the air. It was all taken away from us.”

After years of suffering and fighting to get help, his GP contacted an old colleague, Professor Welsh, to ask for advice.

He thought he could help and Scott was admitted to St Margaret’s of Scotland Hospice, in Clydebank, last August.

Professor Welsh and his team changed his medication and came up with an idea to decrease the sensitivity on his back.

They sprayed it four times a day with the same painkiller used by dentists to numb nerve pain in teeth - a form of Novacaine. Until then even the weight of a t-shirt could make Scott go into spasms with the pain.

He also arranged for an operation on Scott’s dropped foot, which improved his stability and enabled him to walk with crutches, although he still wears a splint all the time.

Scott was sent home in mid-April this year and he made a promise to himself that he would try to walk 10km with his crutches within a year.

Within four months he decided he was ready for the challenge and, at the end of August, he walked from his home to Milngavie reservoir, before walking around the reservoir twice.

Scott added: “I’m so grateful to the hospice and their wonderful staff for everything they have done to improve my quality of life.

“And my wife and I would like to 
sincerely thank everyone who donated so generously.”