Boost for disabled drivers

A TOTAL of 54 disabled car parking spaces are expected to be made legally enforceable in Milngavie and Bearsden.

Many of the disabled spaces currently available are only advisory, but the move would see motorists who use them without displaying a blue disabled badge fined.

The Scottish Government wants local authorities to make the spaces mandatory under the Disabled Persons’ Parking Places (Scotland) Act 2009.

East Dunbartonshire Council is currently carrying out an audit of all disabled spaces throughout the district to identify the areas where they are most needed.

The audit will also look at removing some disabled spaces outside people’s homes who no longer require them.

Bollards advertising the order are to be installed at each place.

It will cost a total of £94,000 district wide to complete the initiative.

David Devine, the council’s head of roads and neighbourhood services, said: “The Disabled Persons’ Parking Places Act requires councils to make all advisory disabled parking places enforceable and remove any that are not needed.

“This means that anyone who parks in one of these places and doesn’t display a blue badge will get a ticket.

“East Dunbartonshire has more than 300 of these spaces and as part of the process that makes these enforceable, local people have been consulted on which ones to keep.”

He added: “We are making good progress towards compliance with the Act.

“We hope to have enforceable spaces across the entire authority area by spring 2013.”