MANY people throughout the Stirling area have fallen victim to bogus and cold callers in recent months - so Stirling and Clackmannanshire doorstep crime partnerships are reminding people to remain vigilant.

Not all thieves break into homes, some will try to talk their way in and steal while you are distracted, they often pose as council workers, tradesmen or say that they work for one of the utility companies such as gas, water or electricity.

Bogus workmen have also been going to people’s doors offering to tar their driveways, carry out garden work or fix roofs, and some pose as council workers.

Trading standards officer Rosemary McLellan said: “Residents have been approached recently by people claiming to be from the council’s roads service but we’d remind people that council workers would not approach residents to carry out work adhoc.

“After being duped by these criminals, who often work in groups of two or more, the victim is often too embarrassed to make a complaint.

“Anyone claiming to work for Stirling Council should be asked for identification which can be confirmed by phoning the council’s contact centre on 0845 277 7000 before any work is carried out.”

Some residents have also had calls from people claiming to be from Central Scotland Police.

“They often offer to take the victim to their bank to withdraw money.

Derek Mitchell, chair of the Stirling reducing doorstep crime partnership, said: “Central Scotland Police will never contact people by phone to obtain any personal banking details relating to ongoing enquiries.

“If anyone receives a phone call like this do not divulge any personal details to them such as your full name, dates of birth or any banking account or security.

“If any phone number is retained on a caller ID display or 1471 note this and contact Central Scotland Police on 01786 456000 immediately.

“If you inadvertently give details you should report this to the bank or building society as a matter of urgency to stop all activity on the account including bank cards and on-line banking”.

Some people have even been approached in the street by strangers who offer to escort them to the bank to withdraw money to pay for having their fortune told.

If you have experienced anything unusual recently contact the police on 01786 456000 or Trading Standards on 0845 277 7000.

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