Boclair Academy declared safe after chemical leak

Boclair Academy, Bearsden
Boclair Academy, Bearsden

Pupils who were evacuated from Boclair Academy in Bearsden due to a chemical leak were allowed to return this afternoon to sit their SQA exam.

Scottish Fire and Rescue were called to the school this morning after a stange smell was discovered in the building.

A chemical leak from emergency lighting was identified as being the cause and the school pupils were decanted to Killermont Primary School.

Pupils sitting their SQA Modern Studies Nat 5 exam were able to return to the school this afternoon after the building was declared safe by firefighters.

East Dunbartonshire Council’s Twitter page said: “The disruption experienced by pupils sitting their Higher, Advanced Higher and Nat 5 Modern Studies exams today is deemed as ‘exceptional circumstances’ and arrangements will be made with the SQA in relation to this.”

The school will open as usual on Monday.