Bob set for new home


THE dog that was abandoned and left to drown in a river in Milngavie two weeks ago has a new owner lined up.

A walker found the traumatised tri-coloured border collie in the Allander on Friday, January 13 with a chain attached to his collar which was stuck fast in rocks in the water.

He’d managed to get his back legs on to a narrow ledge so that only his front paws were in the water.

The metal chain was about three feet long and he’d extended it as far as he could in an attempt to stay dry.

Bearsden woman Emma Seaton clambered down the steep river bank and into the water to free the chain to release him.

She said: “He is a really friendly dog and I didn’t think it would take the SSPCA long to rehome him. He was really pleased to see me and the other dogs and started wagging his tail after he was freed despite having gone through such an awful experience.”

He was taken to the Scottish SPCA’s rehoming centre in Milton, Dumbarton, the following Monday and staff there named him Bob while an animal cruelty investigation was launched into what had happened to him.

They believe that he is about four or five years old and may have been a farm collie. His fur was badly matted around his back end and he had a pressure sore on his left paw.

The centre is hopeful that Bob will be given a new loving home with the person who has shown an interest in him.