Blood donor faced long wait

Blood donor session.
Blood donor session.

A regular blood donor has complained to the National Blood Transfusion Service

after he waited an hour and a half to give blood recently.

Allan Cowan from Kessington Road in Bearsden has been giving blood for over 15 years and this was his 25th donation.

The 58-year-old solicitor went along to the mobile donating unit in Bearsden Burgh Hall in the evening on July 30 because it’s convenient as it’s near his home and he doesn’t need to take any time off work if he goes there.

After his initial assessment and tests to check his iron level he joined the queue to give blood at 6.45pm but it was not taken until 7.40pm because there was a shortage of beds and staff and a long queue of people waiting.

Mr Cowan said: “I was very disappointed by the lack of staff and there appeared to be two thirds of the number of usual beds.

“People who give blood do so willingly but they cannot be expected to endure such long delays.

“Ultimately this will lead to fewer donations.

“Whoever made this decision within the management should reconsider.

“Cuts in this area could be fatal - in more ways than one.”

Mr Cowan said he would be put off donating if this was going to be a regular occurrence so he complained to the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service about the delay and he’s been assured that it won’t happen the next time.

Lynne Willdigg, head of West Scottish Donor Services, said: “I’d like to apologise personally and on behalf of the transfusion service to all the donors who very generously turned up to this Bearsden blood collection for their patience and time whilst they waited to donate.

“Thirty per cent more donors turned up than realistically expected and this resulted in long queues which we are very sorry for.

“All our estimated attendances are based on the actual performance of previous sessions, including variability for seasonal trends, but unfortunately this time around we were caught ‘off guard’.

“I’d like to assure all our Bearsden donors that we have revised our projected attendances, number of donation beds and staffing levels for our next session later in the year and we very much hope to provide them with a much better donation experience.

“We value every donor and we aim to ensure that donors feel appropriately appreciated.”