Bin throwing yobs block Milngavie salmon run

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YOBS threw a large industrial wheelie bin into an important salmon migration river - creating a blockage for the fish as they swim upstream

Although the council has now removed the blockage from the Allander fish ladder near Tesco in Milgavie, councillor Jim Gibbons said it was an ongoing battle to keep rubbish out of what is a vital migratory route for the animals going to spawn.

The Milngavie Councillor said: “The council and Milngavie in Bloom in particular have been doing a lot of work cleaning up Milngavie recently. I was quite alarmed to see this recycling bin in the fish ladder and asked Greenspace officers to have it removed as a matter of urgency as the salmon are due to make their annual ascent up the river.”

The first attempt was unsuccessful due to the high water levels but the bin and other blockages have now been removed.

Councillor Gibbons added: “We must continue to be vigilant and keep the river clear of all obstacles including shopping trolleys.”

Echoing his sentiments, Euan Greer, a keen fisherman and former chairman of the River Kelvin Angling Association, said: “The Allander is a very important river for replenishing fish stocks.

“Although 95 per cent of our members fish the Kelvin and only five per cent the Allander, most of the fish spawn in the Allander. Any blockage to the returning fish could greatly effect salmon stock.”

To underline the importance of the Allander Mr Greer said a habitat survey carried out by The River Clyde Foundation by Dr Willie Yeoman, who is based at Glasgow University, said The Allander ‘is one of the best spawning grounds in the west coast of Scotland.’

Mr Greer added: “We have cleaned up sections of the Allander but we can’t keep a 24 hour a day watch on it as all we are all volunteers and have day jobs.

“Dumping trolleys and bins in the river is an ongoing problem and one that needs to be addressed by local politicians and an education programme.”