Big cat sighting claim

Creatures similar to this could be roaming the countryside
Creatures similar to this could be roaming the countryside

A shocked woman is convinced she saw a big cat prowling the countryside around East Dunbartonshire.

Marie Borthwick contacted the Herald today (Tuesday) after reading about previous sightings in the area.

She said: “I have just came across an old article regarding big cat sightings in and around Milngavie.

“I was on Mugdock Road on May 30 this year when a large black cat the size of a German Shepherd dog, crossed the road from right to left and leapt over the wall and vanished from sight.

“It was definitely a cat and not a dog, as the movements in both animals are very different.”

This is the second time this year Marie claims to have spotted a big cat in Scotland.

She added: “In early August this year I was returning on the coach from Oban,on the A85 near Taynuilt when a large black cat crossed the road from left to right. This one was around maybe three times the size of a domestic cat.

“I was online looking at other possible sightings in these areas when I came across your article.

“I don’t know if you are still monitoring these sightings but, I thought I should pass it on to someone.”

Sightings of big cats have been reported regularly over the years.

Back in February 2010, an elderly resident claimed to have seen huge paw prints in the snow in Milngavie after a string of sightings in the village.

The pensioner saw the massive tracks in her Dunglass Place back garden.

She told the Herald at the time: “They were huge, only a big cat could have made them. There was a massive stride between them so you could guess how long it was.

“I thought there was something up because I put food out to feed the robins, but for days there has not been a bird in sight and I live next to woods. Something weird was going on, like they knew something was in the area.”

The woman says she saw a big, black cat prowling the streets towards the end of 2009.

She added: “There is definitely something around here. I saw it myself. I looked out the window and saw it walk down the street.

“It must have been about four feet tall and it had green eyes.

“My husband was going to work last year when he saw it. It just walked past him as he went to his van at about 5.50am and a neighbour said the same thing happened to him.

“I’ve heard that others have been seen in Erskine and Helensburgh and I think there could be a feral colony of them, crossing over the Erskine Bridge.

“Maybe they’re escaped pets or they’ve been released.

“I’m not that worried about them but I wouldn’t want to come face to face with one.”

According the organisers of national organisation Big Cat Watch, back in 1980, a Puma was caught outside Inverness and hairs were recovered in Lincolnshire which turned out to be that of a black leopard.

Have you seen a big cat prowling the streets or countryside of East Dunbartonshire? Do you have any photos? Get in touch with us at 0141 775 4514.