Bid to drum up plan for pipers


LEGAL experts in East Dunbartonshire are set to have another look at licensing rules causing a major headache to Milngavie Pipe Band.

The Herald reported last week that the band was finding it increasingly difficult to raise funds because they have a mountain of red tape to climb before they are given permission to play in the town centre.

Provost Eric Gotts - who has a long association with the pipe band going back more than 20 years - said he had spoken the council’s legal services department last week and they were looking at ways of streamlining the process.

He said: “I spoke to Alistair Crichton, head of legal and democratic services and have asked him to look into this.”

Currently the band has to make an application every time it wants to go out and play, which can take anything up to three weeks to approve because it needs to be go to the police as well.

The Provost added: “I have asked if the legal department can look into a system in which the pipe band make one application a year for the number of days they would like to play, and then just check with the police before they go out to play.”

This, maintains Mr Gotts, would allow a greater degree of flexibility and save on the time-consuming process of having to fill out a lengthy application every time they wanted to play and fundraise.

Welcoming the news the band’s honorary president and founding member, Hector Cruickshank, said: “I’d welcome anything that will simplify the system. The plan at the moment is to meet with Eric and the council sometime after this week’s elections.”