Better Together campaigner Jim Murphy in Kirkintilloch

Better Together campaigner MP Jim Murphy was in East Dunbartonshire recently as part of his referendum tour of Scotland.

Mr Murphy addressed a crowd of both Better Together supporters and Yes supporters and in Kirkintilloch’s Regent Gardens, putting across his views on why people should vote no in the independence referendum ballot next Thursday.

MP Jim Murphy

MP Jim Murphy

The Labour politician spoke about the uncertainties surrounding the currency, defence, jobs and the position of Scotland in the EU in the event that a majority of Scots decide to go it alone on September 18.

With a crowd of around 70, many applauding him, but also with some vocally opposed to him, Mr Murphy urged everyone that the vote people make on Setember 18 will be one of the most important votes they will probably make in their lifetime.

He said: “My argument is a pretty straightforward one. If I thought independence for Scotland was good for Scotland I would vote for it, but we love Scotland too much to take the risk of breaking up the rest of the United Kingdom.”

On issues affecting the people of East Dunbartonshire, he said these were basically the same as those affecting the whole of Scotland.

He said: “The biggest issue is that people are being asked to vote on an independence referendum when there is no convincing argument about what currency we are going to use.”