Bees have woman buzzing with rage

A WOMAN whose house is invaded by bees every summer wishes they would just buzz off.

The insect pests set up home in Nuala Hussain’s chimney three years ago - and they keep coming back.

She says that they come out of her fireplace and into her living room and have even started annoying her neighbours.

However, she has been unable to get rid of them because they may be endangered.

Mrs Hussain (63), who lives in Kirk Street, Milngavie, said: “I’m in a catch 22 situation and I don’t know what do. How do I get rid of these bees?

“I’m not a council tenant and the council said they couldn’t remove them because they are protected.

“I’ve contacted pest control people who say the same thing. A chimney sweep said he couldn’t get his brush up because of them.”

Mrs Hussain, who is retired and lives in the house with her student daughters, said: “They fly around the living room and we are worried about stings.”

She was advised to get her chimney lined - but this hasn’t solved the problem, and neighbours have told her they are now entering their properties.

Kenny Simpson, head of housing and community services at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “The pest control services provided by East Dunbartonshire Council do not include treatment for bees - both honey bees and bumble bees.


“Bees are not legally protected - however, some species are now endangered and that’s why many councils do not carry out treatment.

“We would only treat bees if they posed a risk to the householder, for example a swarm inside a house.

“If there are honey bees present then they may be collected by a beekeeper. However, this is not a council service and householders should contact the beekeeper privately.

“The British Beekeepers’ website is but they will not collect bumble bees which are the larger and brighter of the two.

“If you feel that you do require treatment carried out then a suitable contractor may be found in Yellow Pages.”