Becoming bilingual from an early age in local primary schools

An increasing number of primary school pupils in East Dunbartonshire are learning a second language as early as P1.

Over 150 teachers have attended French primary language learning courses with a further 175 taking part in other modern languages courses. This means that currently 29 of 36 primaries are teaching a second language, with more coming on stream as other teachers are trained.

Councillors recently agreed a strategic plan for the next three years to implement the national ‘A 1+2 Approach to Language Learning in Scotland’ report.

A policy has also been developed for all schools to offer pupils a second additional language in either P6 or P7 and from S1-S3.

Additional resources are being targeted to expand Gaelic and Mandarin in schools across the area, with six teachers trained in Gaelic teaching this year, as opposed to three last year and 13 more schools have introduced Mandarin.