Bearsden water babies take the plunge!

Hazel Ruddie and mum Karen (4)
Hazel Ruddie and mum Karen (4)

WITH a smile and a gurgle, little Hazel Ruddie was just two weeks old when she took the plunge and became one of the youngest ever little splashers to start specialist baby swimming lessons.

She attends Water Babies classes in Cumbernauld alongside her elder sister who is already a wet vet at the grand old age of two!

Hazel’s mum Karen, from Bearsden, explained: “I started looking for swimming lessons for my eldest daughter Grace when she was six weeks old.

“Because she only weighed eight pounds at the time I wanted to find a suitable class where she would be cosy and warm in the water.

“I was so pleased to discover that Water Babies offer lessons in specially heated hydrotherapy pools, including the Craighalbert Centre in Cumbernauld, which is a lovely 36 degrees!

“Grace and I enjoyed the lessons so much that when Hazel was born I couldn’t wait to get her started too.

“Thankfully she was able to start Water Babies lessons at two weeks old. I’ve always wanted my little ones to be confident in the water so it was always important to me that they start lessons as early as possible.

“Our lovely teachers Wendy and Ashleigh have been fantastic and as a parent it’s been amazing to see how fearless Grace and Hazel are now in the water.

“As well as being great fun, our experience at Water Babies has made bath time lots easier at home and always guarantees a nice long sleep after splishing and splashing for a whole lesson!”

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