Bearsden phone mast is passed

A CONTROVERSIAL mobile phone mast has been approved on Stockiemuir Road, Bearsden despite objections from residents.

The installation of the 12.5m telecommunications pole was agreed at a planning meeting earlier following a site visit by councillors to assess the visual impact of the structure.

The site visit had been called for when the application had come up for discussion at a previous planning meeting because Bearsden North Community Council had objected to the site at the junction of Stockiemuir Road and Stockiemuir Avenue.

The community council were wanting the mast moved further down Stockiemuir Avenue, so that it was equidistant from residential properties, but following the site visit, councillors agreed the impact on the surrounding environment was outweighed by the need for an effective communications infrastructure in the area.

Councillors also agreed that the visual impact was minimalised by the ‘slim’ design of the mast.