Bearsden mum to represent East Dunbartonshire in Great Scottish Run

Bearsden woman Melanie Eynon will represent East Dunbartonshire in the Great Scottish Run
Bearsden woman Melanie Eynon will represent East Dunbartonshire in the Great Scottish Run

She may have torn her calf eight weeks before taking on the Great Scottish Run but that won’t stop Melanie Eynon from completing her mission.

The 38-year-old, from Bearsden, was running obsessed before having her children, even representing Scotland.

And the stay-at-home mum has taken up her favourite sport again after a five-year break and will be tackling October’s Great Scottish Run as part of the Bank of Scotland Community Challenge, just seven months after having her third son.

But the road back to running hasn’t exactly been a smooth ride after Melanie tore her calf muscle while playing touch rugby.

The former running fanatic has not let that get her down and is more determined than ever to get back to what loves to do.

Melanie said: “I was on crutches for a couple of days and I could barely walk. It’s not good but I’m moving in the right direction, the next step is to jog and then another week or two before running.

“After having kids I just don’t find the time so I just felt like I needed something to get going – if you sign up for a 10km and go for this challenge you cannot back out.

“It’s a way of me getting back to feeling like myself again.

“I’m hoping the 10km will give me that confidence and make me feel good about myself again and getting fit again, that’s my drive. I hope this can say to everyone that no matter how busy your life is you can fit it in and make time for it.

“It’s about prioritising things, do you want to sit in front of the telly or do you want do go for a run. At 7.30pm I’m usually exhausted but if I run I will feel much better.”

Melanie will be representing East Dunbartonshire as part of a challenge aimed to get Scotland active.

Each runner will embark on their own personal journey in a “10 weeks to 10k” challenge, receiving a personalised training programme by an expert coach in the weeks leading up to the run, on October 1.

Melanie added: “I’m very proud. I know there are a lot of keen runners in this area and it’s full of hills and lovely paths. So I’m so happy to have been selected to represent the whole area.

“At the moment my life revolves around the children and this is something just for me.”

Bank of Scotland is supporting runners from communities across Scotland on their 10 weeks to a 10k challenge for the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run Community Challenge. For more information, visit