Bearsden man bags all the Munros - in just 98 days

Photograph Roberto Cavieres 26/8/13 BEARSDEN. 21 year old  Kevin Wood (21) climbed all munros in 98 days.
Photograph Roberto Cavieres 26/8/13 BEARSDEN. 21 year old Kevin Wood (21) climbed all munros in 98 days.

Mountaineer Kevin Woods has completed the challenge of a lifetime after climbing all of Scotland’s 282 Munros in only 98 days.

The Bearsden man started his epic adventure at the end of April and planned to complete his challenge in 100 days.

A keen hillwalker, Kevin (21) said the worst part of the whole challenge was right at the start.

Kevin said: “I started on Mull, but on day two full winter conditions set in.

“Snow fell high up and lower down it was torrential rain.

“The weather was really bad and it was very hard to walk in.”

However, as the days turned into weeks the weather gradually improved, but when the July heatwave hit Kevin had other problems.

He said; “I was in Glen Affric (north of Ullapool) when the series of heat-waves kicked in.

“There was no water up there and it was a very hot 25 degrees centigrade.”

Other challenges Kevin had to deal with were the cleggs, although the dreaded Highland midge was, he said, thankfully non-existent.

Kevin decided to complete all the Munros as a way of raising money for Diabetes UK, as his brother Stephen (24) has the condition.

So far he has raised £2,200 and has set himself a target of reaching £5,000 or more to help fund research into new treatments and a cure for diabetes, which affects one in 25 people in Scotland.

Munros are Scottish mountains over 3,000ft and are named after Sir Hugh Munro, who produced the first list of the hills, known as Munros Tables, in 1891.

The average time taken to bag all the Munros is around eight years.

Before his epic adventure Kevin had already completed 238, but went back to scratch for his latest challenge - completing them on August 7.

He cycled between many of them, camping overnight when the weather started to improve.

Kevin said: “I had to really build up my fitness levels to be able to cope with the exercise.

“There were a lot of scary moments along the way, but I enjoyed it.

“Friends joined me on some of the walks and my dad brought me food and clean clothes.”

Charlie Campbell, a former postman from Glasgow, held the record for the fastest round of the Munros between 2000 and 2010.

He completed them in 48 days 12 hours, finishing on July 16, 2000, on Ben Hope.

His record was broken by Stephen Pyke of Stone, Staffordshire, in 2010.

He completed the round in 39 days, nine hours.

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