Bearsden house building scheme is set to start in spring

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Housebuilder Cala will now be able to proceed with its scheme for a massive homes construction project in Bearsden.

Detailed plans for the former bus garage site at Burnbrae were given the nod at a recent meeting of East Dunbartonshire Council’s Planning Board.

Cala’s proposal to build 135 new homes across the 9.2 acre site includes one, two, three, four and five-bedroom homes was brought before the board with a positive recommendation from the council’s planning department.

The development will feature 15 terraced, four semi-detached and 27 detached homes and 89 apartments.

During the construction period, an agreed contribution, proportionate to the size of the development site, will be made towards the re-provision of the Allander Leisure centre.

In addition, Cala will make an appropriate payment toward the implementation of East Dunbartonshire Council’s improvement strategy for the A81 corridor.

Construction will begin in spring, with the first residents to move in by Christmas.

Andy Mitchell, land director for Cala Homes (West), said: “We are delighted with the decision made by the planning board yesterday evening.

“We have liaised very closely with the various corporate departments of East Dunbartonshire Council regarding all aspects of the development.

“This included detailed discussions with both the Planning and Road departments in respect of the site layout, road access, and the design of the buildings.

“Cala will now commence work in early 2014.”

The development has had a long and tortuous history, with original plans to build around 550 homes on the ‘Kilmardinny strip’ between Bearsden and Milngavie having been scaled back.

The company’s original plans included a proposal to build on land owned by West of Scotland rugby club - some of whose land will now form part of the new Waitrose development.

The status of the proposal to demolish the Allander Leisure centre, build on the land and to create a new one on the current centre’s car park, is still uncertain, as it is unclear how much Cala will pay towwards a new sports centre.

A new railway station could be built if that goes ahead.