Bearsden girl’s swimming lessons axed

GV off allander'em'27/1/09
GV off allander'em'27/1/09

A YOUNG Bearsden girl has been told she will have to go to Bishopbriggs or Kirkintilloch if she wants to continue swimming lessons.

Last term nine-year-old Amy Paul from Baljaffray in Bearsden, used the Allander Leisure Centre in Bearsden, but when she tried to enrol after going back to school, her parents were told they would not be a class because of a lack of staff.

The Baljaffray Primary school pupil’s dad, David, is annoyed and says that people at this end of the district are being treated like second class citizens.

The farmer and milkman (46), said: “Amy is quite proficient at swimming and loves it. She is at level eight and this is the class they have cancelled. When we were told the lessons will not run the officials said we could always go to Bishopbriggs where there are two level eight classes or Kirkintilloch which has one.

“But I don’t see why they can’t take one of the classes at Bishopbriggs and run it in the Allander. That would make more sense.

“I feel that we are being treated like second class citizens and getting the short straw.”

Mr Paul added that if they had to go to one of the other centres it would be really inconvenient and take two hours out of their day instead of one.

Mark Grant, general manager of East Dunbartonshire Arts and Leisure Trust, said: “Due to staff shortages it is unfortunate that we don’t have a coach to take the level eight class at Allander. We are currently looking at a number of alternative solutions to increase our pool of coaches, including an ongoing recruitment drive and we hope to reinstate this class as soon as possible.”