Bearsden Festival

Bearsden Festival
Bearsden Festival

Pokemon may be the latest gaming craze but Bearsden Festival next month aims to revive traditional street games such as peevers (hopscotch) and kick the can.

There may also be a few Pokestops and certainly one Pokemon gym at Bearsden Cross during the festival which is being held on September 3 and 4, but the organisers also hope to get people to take part in more traditional games.

Walter Proven, from the organising committee, said: “Along with the games come a lot of memories and stories and it is these stories we hope will be shaped as grandparents chat with their grandchildren about the days before Nintendo and Angry Birds.”

The festival aims to get different generations in the local community together with a puppet show and short plays by Kilmardinny and Antonine Players.

There will also be free taster workshops for ukulele, vocal, fiddle and chanter led by award winning tutors, a choice of Sunday strolls as well as a Celtic concert and a songs of praise service using songs from the civil rights movement.

There is also an open stage in the playground at Bearsden Primary where local organisations and individuals will sing and play pipes, martial arts and one particularly creative group: Antonine Board Gamers will attempt crowd games with everyone.

Founder of the Festival and minister of New Kilpatrick Church in Bearsden, Roddy Hamilton, said: “There really is something for every generation

“The vintage bus that will take people short trips round the area will be particularly popular and it is all free. We simply want people to be together because we believe in community.”

Visit the festival website or Facebook page (Bearsden Festival 2016) for more information.