Bearsden East Community Council mark Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with oak tree and plaque

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AN OAK tree and granite plaque was unveiled in Cluny Park Bearsden last week as a permanent reminder of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Year.

The commemoration is a partnership between East Dunbartonshire Council and Bearsden East Community Council. The plaque was designed by the community council.

Jacqueline McRae, secretary for the community council, said: “A very mature tree was blown down in Cluny Park a year ago leaving a major gap at the southern end of the park.

“The committee of Bearsden East Community Council agreed - after consultation with EDC - that an oak tree would be a suitable replacement for the site.

“This has now been planted and, in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012, a granite plaque, designed to commemorate the occasion, has been installed next to the tree.”

Councillor Alan Moir, convener of the council’s development & infrastructure committee, is delighted that the council could work with the local group on such a worthwhile initiative.

He said: “Planting this tree is an excellent way to ensure that the town has a permanent reminder of HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Year.

“The oak is an excellent choice as over the years it will not only be an imposing sight in the park but an important addition to the local environment. A single mature oak tree can support millions of individual animals and over 300 species so it will add greatly to the biodiversity of the area.”