Bearsden car park is NOT being sold off

BEARSDEN Cross car park is NOT for sale - despite a sign placed next to it suggesting otherwise.

East Dunbartonshire Council (EDC) put up a hoarding highlighting “commercial opportunities” on a lamp post at the site.

Several Herald readers were worried the cash-strapped authority has decided to flog the well-used car park.

One said: “I know times are hard, but surely that would be one sell-off too many? I was shocked when I saw the sign.

“The car park is always full - I don’t know where people would go if it was sold and built on.”

Another said: “The ‘commercial opportunities’ bit concerned me. What would get put in its place?”

However, the council moved to quash rumours of a sell off this week - pointing out that the sign refers to the sell off of the former toilet block at the car park, which became a victim of budget cuts this year.

Grace Irvine, Head of Assets and Property Services at EDC, said: “I can confirm that the ‘for sale’ sign refers to the toilet block only and that the car park at Bearsden Cross is not for sale.”