Bearsden army reservist is honoured for his commitment to the service

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A soldier from Bearsden has been awarded the Lord Lieutenants merit for his commitment to service in the Army Reservists.

Alastair Thompson (27) was presented with his award by Glasgow Lord Provost Sadie Docherty at a special ceremony in Glasgow City Chambers for his unstinting dedication to 207 Battery of the 105 Regiment - Royal Artillery close support.

Speaking after the ceremony he said it came as a very nice surprise when he was told by his commanding officer that he had been put forward for the merit - and joked he was not about to turn down free champaign.

The former Bearsden Academy pupil, joined the Territorial Army 10 years ago while still at school and has been involved in a number of campaigns - most notably in Afghanistan between 2011-12 when he was involved in Operation Herrick 15, as part of the British Army’s on-going strategy in countering the threat from The Taliban in Helmand province.

He said: ”My job as part of Operation Herrick 15 was to go out on the front line with the regular troops and identify targets that were too big for the forward operating soldiers to tackle. We would radio back the positions for our heavier artillery to deal with.”

Alastair said that it came as a surprise to him when he found out he had been put forward for this merit, but added it was a nice one.

He said: “It is good to think that my colleagues felt I am worthy of this. Sometimes I don’t think people get the acknowledgement they deserve. I’m not just talking about myself, but all of the people in the services who do a great job in very difficult circumstances.”

It was while studying for his degree at Strathclyde University in 2006 that Alastair decided to join what was then called The Territorial Army.

Once he had gained his degree he volunteered for active service and a tour of Afghanistan, where he served along side his regular army colleagues.

Alastair was nominated for the award by his peers the commitment he has shown.