Be prepared for frost

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WINTER is well and truly here with heavy snow falling across Scotland since early December and Scottish Water is reminding customers to ensure that their homes and businesses are protected for the months ahead.

The Protect Your Pipes - Be Prepared message is encouraging people to protect their pipes and property and advise them what to do to prevent a burst or frozen pipe, how to locate their stop valve, what to do in an emergency and how Scottish Water can help.

During last year’s unprecedented winter – the coldest December on record – Scottish Water repaired around 2,000 bursts and answered more than 40,000 calls between Christmas Eve and New Year.

Scottish Water’s advice is - heat, insulate and protect your pipes, leave your heating on low. If you are going away get someone to regularly check for any problems. Turn off your water supply and drain the system.

Keep your insurance documents somewhere secure and water-tight so you can access them easily if needed. Locate your stop valve. Keep a note of the telephone number of a licensed plumber. Keep a note of the Scottish Water customer helpline number - 0845 601 8855.